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Artificial Landscape Grass for Home

Artificial Landscape Grass for Home

Frengass artificial turf technology is one of the biggest artificial grass manufacturer in China.We have started the artificial business is nearly 10 years.We have got the ISO9001, IS014001, CE and BSCI Score2 certificate and UV resistance test report in grass industry. Our Real Grass Turf are mainly used for stadium decoration(football,basketball,volleyball,tennis,golf)and landscaping(garden,house,park,indoor and outdoor green). Material:PE+PP Color:Different color for choose.

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Good Quality Artificial landscape grass introduction

Frengass artificial turf technology is one of the largest artificial turf manufacturers in China. We have been producing for nearly ten years. We have obtained the ISO9001, IS014001, CE and BSCI Score2 certificates and anti-UV test reports for the grass industry. Our lawns are mainly used for stadium decoration (soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf) and landscaping (gardens, houses, parks, indoor and outdoor green spaces).

Material: PE + PP Color: Different colors to choose from.

Technical parameters

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1.Sports lawn can be used in football field, tennis court, hockey field, gateball court, baseball field, cricket court, rugby court, basketball court, badminton court, golf court etc.

2.Leisure lawn is widely used. It is suitable for interior decoration, garden landscape and building greening.More and more are widely used in hoteldecoration , roof terrace decoration, indoor shops, office buildings and office places.Whether spring, summer, autumn and winter, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of four seasons like spring.
3.Colorful lawn is very suitable for kindergarten.It is the wish of every parent to let children have a happy life full of dreams and childlike innocence. Health and happiness are the foundation of children's growth. Various patterns and colorful colors have taken the wings of their children's imagination.



1. The maintenance is simple, the maintenance cost is low, the dirt can be removed by washing with clean water, and it has the characteristics of no fading and no deformation.

2. High utilization rate, namely shock absorption, no noise, safe and non-toxic, flexible, and good flame retardant function.

3. Let the athletes feel calm, reduce fatigue and add fun to people.

Our Services

1. We provide sports ground and landscape design.

2. We provide installation instructions and support.

3. We ensure 15 days delivery time

4. Our grass can be used as stadium decoration (soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf) and landscape (garden, house, park, indoor and outdoor green)




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